Water & Wastewater Treatment

The water and wastewater treatment industry has many challenges including the treatment of municipal wastewater, potable water, oils, grease, primary and secondary sludge, plus thick and abrasive slurries. Occasionally, other applications are needed such as recycling of used oils and bio-waste, along with the rehabilitation of lift stations are needed.

We offer top tier pumping solutions for the treatment of water and wastewater. Integral’s product includes Bredel peristaltic hose pumps, Qdos and Watson Marlow tube pumps, SEEPEX progressive cavity pumps & macerators and Hidrostal screw centrifugal pumps. For abrasive solids applications, System One high-performance pumps are available. All our products are reliable and heavy duty, which will reduce maintenance costs and downtime so that your applications needs are met.

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Water & Wastewater Treatment